Welcome to the Junior Barber Academy

Our Junior Barber Academy teaches teens and adults how to cut hair ,with these skills they will be able to cut themselves, friends, family members or just offer their services to those who are less fortunate.Our true hope is to see our students giving back with their new skill.We want to give them a craft so they can have some thing to fall back on or pursue a career as a barber.After our 6 week training with license professional master barber (P.Michael) they will be allowed to move forward with learning the knowledge to take the state board test to become licensed in Pennsylvania to cut hair.We are partnered with a few cosmetology schools that could give them the training and hours to be able to take the state boards.Please ask if you would like more information.We currently run our coarse seasonally you can make a full payment option and then we have a option for credit through paypal for a line of credit. I also offer adult classes as well, if you would like to learn more please send me an email at info@pmichael.org .