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The P.Michael Boone Foundation

Our Mission:

The P. Michael Boone Foundation is an active and driven force within the community of North Philadelphia. We are committed to helping build a brighter future towards the youth while teaching creativity, positive thinking and life skills through mentoring and social entrepreneurship. We believe that “The Youth Is The Future” so being impactful in their lives will lead to an enriched since of being and greater quality of life.

Our Vision: 

The future starts with the youth and capitalizing on their talents, dreams and ambitions is key for success.  Motivating, inspiring and coaching each child to never give up and aim for the stars because within each child is a gift that through a positive role model can be developed and built upon. We at the P. Michael Boone foundation realize those hidden talents within today’s youth and want to help lead and enrich them in a closer path towards their destiny.

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To help out with our work in the community and overseas, you can make a taxable donation.We are a 501 (3) (c) so all donations are considered a tax write off. Every donation helps!