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Fred is a young dinosaur with wild and crazy hair, whose parents think it’s time he gets a haircut.  But they are not aware of the frightening nightmares that Fred has about the barbershop.  He pleads with his parents not to take him to the dark and scary place with the man who has razors for hands.  Fortunately mom and dad are able to convince him to go, and together with the help of the barber and a new found friend at the barbershop, Fred the dinosaur is able to overcome his fears and get through his first haircut like a champ!

This rhyming tale full of fun illustrations is inspiring for every child who fears going to the barbershop for a haircut.  They even get to have their barber sign and present them with a certificate included in the back of the book, after their first haircut!

About the Author

P. Michael Boone (P) is a successful, self-taught barber and entrepreneur, born and raised in North Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  P has over two decades of experience in the barbering industry, and is the founder of the P. Michael Boone Foundation, a not-for-profit organization centered on helping children and families.  Having three children of his own, and countless firsthand encounters with children getting their first haircut, he’s become a guru in this field.  P hopes that his first book will help families with their initial visit to the barbershop experience, and would like to encourage parents to get creative with helping their children ease these fears.